Vivexin Ingredients

Anti-aging eye creams that work in the area around the eyes tend to simply handle one of the three major issues that cause a woman’s eyes to look old and tired as she ages. These creams can also cost quite a bit, especially when many women end up taking more than one at a time in order to get the effect they actually want. Vivexin’s three symptom treatment offers one low cost answer that reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, eliminates the puffiness and bags that make the skin around the eyes look older, and removes the wrinkles and lines that all eyes inevitably have. Understanding each of the Vivexin ingredients responsible for these changes is important when deciding whether or not to try Vivexin.

Vivexin Ingredients And What They Do

  • Dark Circle Reduction – Vivexin’s formula starts with Haloxyl, an ingredient chosen to help reduce the iron content in the blood that leaks in under the eye to create the bruising look that makes dark circles. By removing the iron from the blood that pools under the eyes due to leaking capillaries, Haloxyl can help dark circles fade away naturally so skin color returns to normal. Haloxyl is a vital part of the active Vivexin ingredients list for fighting the tired look that many women get under their eyes as they start to age.
  • Capillary Strength – Eyeliss stands out as one of the only Vivexin ingredients that performs two important roles in keeping eyes looking young and healthy. First, Eyeliss strengthens the capillaries under the eye area in order to make sure less blood leaks in and causes darkening and puffiness. Eyeliss then helps the skin around the eyes stay strong and elastic despite damage that may have occurred from normal occurrences like sleep deprivation and aging.
  • Collagen Growth – Matrixyl takes the lead among Vivexin ingredients when looking at wrinkle and line reduction in the eye area. Through encouraging collagen growth in the area around the eyes, Matrixyl helps a woman’s skin naturally fill in wrinkles and stay elastic and strong. Matrixyl can make skin feel thick and smooth through keeping healthy collagen growing in at a pace that will help wrinkles and lines fade away.

How Vivexin Ingredients Work Together

The most important thing to understand when looking at Vivexin ingredients is how effective Vivexin is at eliminating the dark circles, puffy bags, and wrinkling skin around the eye area. Clinical studies show that Vivexin can successfully reduce the appearance of circles, bags, and wrinkles in over nine out of ten of the women who tried it for two months. Vivexin is even available with a risk free 90 day trial, which gives any woman interested in younger and healthier looking skin around her eyes more than long enough to make sure it works as advertised.

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